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Private Treatment Costs at Eledent Smiles

Below is a guide to our private dental treatment costs.

We can also offer our patients interest free finance to help spread the cost of your treatment. Please call us on 01344 297 001 today and speak to a member of our team for more information about our services.

Procedure Cost
New Patient Examination (Excluding X-rays) £52.00
Routine Recall Examination (adult) £45.00
Routine Recall Examination (child) FREE
Hygienist £68.00
Hygienist (Direct Access) £99.00
Perio Charting with Hygienist £79.00
Air Powered Tooth Polishing £89.00
Hygiene with Aman Babber £79.00
Bite Wing X-rays £29.00
Periapical £18.90
OPT £48.00
Emergencies (Registered Patients) £48.00
Emergencies (Non Registered Patients) £89.00
Simple Extraction (Under Local Anaesthetic £142.00
Moderate Extraction (Under Local Anaesthetic £184.00
Advanced Extraction (Under Local Anaesthetic £262.50
Fillings (Amalgam) £94.50
Fillings (Composite) £136.50
RCT Instrument Fee £63.00
RCT Molar £525.00
RCT Pre Molar £472.50
RCT Anterior £420.00
Zoom! In-Surgery Complete Teeth Whitening £625.00
Zoom! 3 Syringes £78.00
Zoom! Whitening no Trays £520.00
Zoom! 6 Syringes £157.50
Zoom! 6 Syringes and Trays £415.00
Orthodontics Metal Brackets (Both Arches) £2,940.00
Orthodontics Metal Brackets (Upper or Lower) £1,522.50
Orthodontics Ceramic Brackets (Both Arches) £3,570.00
Orthodontics Ceramic Brackets (Upper or Lower) £1,785.00
Lingual Brackets (Both Arches) £5,775.00
Lingual Brackets (Upper or Lower) £3,150.00
Invisalign Complete (Both Arches) £4,150.00
Invisalign Complete (Upper or Lower) £2,300.00
Invisalign Lite (Both Arches) £2,580.00
Invisalign Lite (Upper or Lower) £1,365.00
Essix Retainer £100.00
Fixed Retainer £157.50
Clin Check £367.50
Procedure Cost
Recement Crowns £94.50
Porcelain Jacket Crowns £615.00
Porcelain Bonded Crowns £720.00
Emax Crowns £735.00
Zirconia Crowns £698.00
Composite Crowns £577.50
Silver Coloured Crown £577.50
Full Gold Crown £682.50
Porcelain Bonded Bridge £1,470.00
Maryland Bridge £735.00
Maryland Zirconia £1,470.00
Porcelain Veneers £735.00
Emax Veneers £787.50
Amalgam Restoration £94.50
Core Build Up £121.00
Composite Veneer £205.00
Composite Anterior £136.50
Posterior Composite £178.50
Glass Ionomer £89.00
Implant Crown £997.50
Implant Abutment £121.00
Lab Made Post £153.00
Chairside Made Post £136.50
Implant Delayed £1,523.00
Implant Immediate £1,680.00
Bone Graft £525.00
Block Graft £2,100.00
Sinus Lift £1,785.00
Removal of Failed Implant £840.00
Full Acrylic Dentures £840.00
Chrome Dentures £997.50
Addition to Denture £157.50
Acrylic Denture £735.00
Valplast £893.00
Soft Splint £180.00
Gum Shield Adult £100.00
Gum Shield Child £94.50
Plain Gum Shield £78.00
Line & Wrinkle Treatment 1 Area £205.00
Line & Wrinkle Treatment 2 Areas £289.00
Line & Wrinkle Treatment 3 Areas £342.00
Dermal Fillers 1ml £310.00
Dermal Fillers with Lips £368.00

0% Finance

Would you like to spread the cost of your treatment? We offer 0% and interest-bearing options, depending on the length of your borrowing term.*

Eledent Smiles is delighted to be able to offer patients finance options on certain treatments. This allows you to spread the cost of treatment through fixed monthly direct debits. We work with Dental Finance to create bespoke repayment plans for every patient – making it that little bit easier to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

*Finance available to UK residents aged 18 and above. Credit subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.