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LIP & Dermal Fillers in Ascot, Berkshire

Expertly reducing the signs of aging

If you're looking for highly effective dermal fillers in Berkshire to help bring back youthful volume to your face or lips, our expert facial aesthetics team in Ascot can help. We have all the experience and skills to offer a high level of treatment and achieve fantastic results.

Our highly rated and skilled dermal fillers team has over 26 years extensive dentistry experience and includes co-principal dentist Dr Johnny Khabra (GDC No.82394).

Our affordable and highly effective dermal filler treatments start from only £295.

Why come to us for Dermal Filler treatment

Why come to us for dermal filler treatment?

  • Great looking results
  • Experienced and qualified team
  • Adds youthful volume to vulnerable facial areas
  • Competitively priced treatment
  • Safe and quick

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The Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Facial skin loses its elasticity and firmness over time due to the body producing less collagen and elastin as people age. The natural volume of the face decreases as this happens, making wrinkles and lines more apparent.

Dermal fillers can temporarily restore this youthful volume. Consisting of hyaluronic acid, they come in the form of a gel that is injected into the areas of the face that are particularly susceptible to the signs of aging.

This results in the facial skin looking smoother, plumper and younger.

Before lip fillers

Before fillers

After lip fillers

After fillers

Before dermal fillers

Before fillers

After dermal fillers

After fillers

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