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White Fillings in Ascot

Expertly restoring teeth with White Fillings in Ascot, Berkshire

At Eledent Smiles, our experienced dentists can repair cavities with composite fillings that match your natural tooth colour. Our affordable, high quality White Fillings cost from only £155. Whether you require a new filling or have existing silver fillings that you would like to replace, we would be delighted to help.

Why come to us for White Fillings

Why come to us for White Fillings?

  • Skilled, highly qualified dental team
  • Latest scientifically proven techniques and materials
  • Tooth coloured repairs for unnoticeable results
  • We can improve smiles by replacing existing silver fillings
  • Due to direct bonding there is less risk of teeth breaking

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The benefits of White Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings have long been the most common way to repair teeth affected by decay. They are a very effective way to fill cavities - but they can be very noticeable when the mouth is open while talking or laughing. This can make people feel self-conscious and less inclined to show off their teeth.

White Fillings have now become a very popular alternative to the traditional metal option. They offer all the same benefits in terms of function – but as the material used is the same shade as your natural tooth colour, they are much more discreet and hard to spot. Go for the natural look and smile with confidence!


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