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Root Canal Treatment in Ascot

Experienced dentists providing high quality root canal treatment in Berkshire

Our priority is always to save natural teeth whenever possible. Our friendly and highly experienced Ascot root canal team can effectively restore infected teeth with root canal treatment from £500.

The procedure is painless and the treated tooth can go on to function perfectly for many years.

Why come to us for Root Canal Treatment

Choose us for root canal treatment and benefit from:

  • Highly skilled and experienced team
  • We aim to save teeth from being lost sooner than necessary
  • Caring staff to enable comfortable treatment
  • Staged treatment to help with costs
  • Reducing the need for implants or dentures
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Restoring teeth with Endodontics

The internal nerves and pulp of teeth can become infected as a result of fracture or serious decay. This can be extremely painful and lead to inflammation and swelling.

If the affected tooth doesn’t receive the relevant treatment then it is likely that it will ultimately have to be removed. Thankfully this can be avoided with appropriate Endodontic treatment.

This involves gently removing the soft tissue from within the tooth and cleaning the internal canals. These are then filled with a replacement material known as gutta-percha.

Finally the tooth is sealed to protect it from any further damage.


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Questions & answers

Our latest root canal treatment reviews via Google Business

"Very pleased with my experience at Eledent Smiles. It was for a root canal. This was my first time going with private work and can confidently say I'm never going back.

Thanks to Johnny and the team! My biggest fear with dentists is how rough they can be when treating my teeth, this time I had no issues and it was a good experience. I would recommend this practice to anybody."
"I have been going to Frankle Dental Care all my life and you will not meet a lovelier dental team. I've had teeth removed and root canals as well as regular check-ups and they make a very distressing experience pleasant. Thank you to all the team."