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If you're looking for a highly experienced TMJ pain treatment dentist near you in Berkshire, then our expert team can help.

Our friendly TMJ dentists have a deep understanding of jaw anatomy and function, enabling them to effectively diagnose underlying causes of pain and restricted movement. These can then be addressed with the correct management and treatment.

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Choose us for a specialist TMJ dentist assessment and benefit from:

  • Thorough assessment and evaluation
  • Diagnosis from dentists with extensive knowledge of jaw function
  • Guidance on how to manage symptoms
  • Advice on diet and other related factors
  • Competitive UK pricing from £95


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Treating Jaw Pain

Temporomandibular Joint (commonly known as TMJ) Disorder refers to a range of conditions related to pain in the jaw muscles. Jaw problems can be extremely unpleasant and affect around one in every ten people in the UK at some point during their lives.

As well as causing substantial discomfort in the jaw itself, the condition can also lead to pain in the surrounding ear, cheek, neck and shoulder areas. Other symptoms include a restriction in normal jaw movement, severe headaches and a grating sound during eating or talking.

At Eledent Smiles, we have the expertise to identify the underlying problem and advise on how to best treat your condition.


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