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Dental Hygienist in Ascot

Highly experienced and affordable dental hygienist in Berkshire

Regular visits to the hygienist are a fundamental part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. At Eledent Smiles, our dental hygiene appointments start from only £64.50.

Our experienced hygienist will be more than happy to help keep your smile healthy, fresh and looking its best.

Why come to us for Dental Hygiene appointments

Why come to us for dental hygiene appointments?

  • Highly experienced hygienist
  • Deep cleaning to help prevent gum disease and decay
  • Keeps teeth whiter by removing surface stains
  • Early detection of possible problems
  • Guidance on daily oral care, diet and lifestyle

For more information on dental hygiene, or to book an appointment, please call 01344 297 001 or fill in our online enquiry form.

The benefits of Dental Hygiene appointments

The most common reasons for tooth loss in adults are decay and gum disease. In most cases, these are both completely preventable with good, regular oral care.

On-going visits to the hygienist are a very important way to help you maintain this and keep problems at bay.

During the appointment your teeth will be given a thorough scale and polish. This combination will remove the build-up of any plaque or tartar and leave your teeth shiny and clean.

The hygienist will be able to spot any potential problems and refer you to the dentist if necessary. We will also give you advice on daily oral care at home as well as helpful tips on nutrition and lifestyle.

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We would love to help you maintain a healthy smile. Please call 01344 297 001 or fill in our online enquiry form to book your appointment today.

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