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If you are a patient at Eledent Smiles and have recently undergone treatment at the practice we would love to hear from you. Please leave us a Google review about your experience.

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Dental crowns and dental hygienist

"Having been a patient of this dental practice since its inception, having previously been a patient of Jonathan Frankel when he had his very first practice in Windsor, I can only say I have been very satisfied with the services over all the years.

I'm a regular attendee, every six months. My latest treatment covered two new dental crowns in the lower jaw. I am very pleased with how this exercise has been handled. Especially, I commend Johnny who is my current dentist. I have been very fortunate not to require much service over the years. A couple of root canal jobs, replacement fillings, etc.

I have regularly attended for the dental hygienist. Again, very good service. I always get good attention from Caroline and Lisa too. I would recommend this dental practice to whoever wanted a referral."
Miss Iris Reed

Composite fillings

"I used to feel so self-conscious about the stains on my front teeth. Every time I saw a photo of myself it was all I could focus on. They simply looked dirty. Johnny suggested replacing the stained fillings with composite fillings and the results were amazing. I couldn’t believe the difference it made, and I was so glad that Johnny had suggested this as an option for me. No more worrying about smiling!" Mrs J W

Dental implants

"I have been looked after by the practice for many years. Having undergone multiple significant dental treatments prior to joining the practice, my existing bridge had finally come to the end of its life. After a number of consultations discussing the various options open to me, I opted for dental implants.

A full dental plan was provided outlining all the work to be carried out including timeframes and cost. The work was carried out in a very professional manner, exactly as detailed in the plan and fitted around my busy work schedule. I am delighted with both the implants and the excellent after-care. Professionalism and service excellence is clearly a top priority for the whole team and this shines through in everything they do. Thank you. " Mr K S

Teeth whitening, orthodontic treatment, bridges and veneers

"I have been extremely impressed with the dental care and treatment from Frankel Dental Care and would highly recommend their services.
A couple of years ago I decided to straighten my teeth and improve my smile. Johnny was able to advise on both orthodontic and cosmetic options, laying out the pros and cons for each of them.
I did visit a specialist Orthodontist as well, but the treatment offered would not have given me the symmetry that was achievable.

I decided to opt for the orthodontic straightening solution with teeth whitening, bridges and veneers to perfect my smile.
Throughout the process I was kept fully informed of progress and next steps, all while making sure my teeth and gums remained healthy.

Within a year the braces were off, a few months later the zoom whitening finished, and bridges and veneers fitted.
The practice has excelled in all elements of my dentistry requirements, it is a professional, caring and reliable practice.

I have been very impressed with all of the staff members - a special thanks to Caroline for keeping me up to date with appointments and form filling. I am over the moon with the results, thank you to all the team at Frankel Dental Care." Madeleine Sawdon

Invisalign treatment and Zoom teeth whitening

"I am really pleased with the outcome of my Invisalign treatment. From start to finish Doctor Aman was understanding of my expectations towards the treatment. I previously has braces and was not pleased with the outcome, therefore I was apprehensive of whether to have Invisalign. However my teeth now look and feel better than they have ever done before. Philips Zoom whitening was also the perfect add on to my treatment too. I would highly recommend Doctor Arman and the team at Frankel Dental Care." Georgie Adams

Orthodontic treatment

"Having just finished a 10 month course of adult braces, I have nothing but good words to say about the dental staff and receptionist team at Frankel Dental Care. Having had 'train tracks' in my early teens, I was apprehensive at going through the pain and quite frankly the aesthetics of having braces again, but Aman made the process so simple, comfortable and easy to deal with - in fact, I used to receive such lovely compliments on my ceramic brackets!

After an easy few months, I have them off and could not be more pleased with the full treatment and in particular the after care. Thank you to all of you and the team - highly recommended for both teens and adults who are looking for a personal and comfortable service." Esha Kapila