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Treating nervous patients in Berkshire

The trusted, reassuring choice for anxious patients in Ascot

If you're nervous about visiting the dentist in Berkshire, please be assured you will receive sympathetic and understanding care from our experienced and friendly team. Your wellbeing is very important to us and we will strive to make your visits to the practice as stress-free as possible.

Our highly rated and experienced nervous patient team includes co-principals Dr Johnny Khabra (GDC No. 82394) and Dr Aman Babber (GDC No. 82141) who have over 36 years combined dentistry experience.

For those who are particularly nervous about needles we offer The Wand – a revolutionary, pain-free anaesthic system.

Why you can feel confident at Eledent Smiles

Why you can feel confident at Eledent Smiles

  • Experienced team with a sympathetic approach
  • Advanced technology for less invasive treatments
  • Pain-free anaesthtic system – no more needles!
  • Comfortable and calm environment
  • All requests and concerns are carefully listened to
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A Caring Mindset

Visiting the dentist can be a distressing experience for many people. Dentally related phobias are very common, with many originating from bad childhood experiences (though there are also cases that have no apparent explanation).

The most important thing is that you don’t allow anxiety stand in the way of getting the treatment you need.

At Eledent Smiles, we’re with you every step of the way. Our experienced team will be more than happy to discuss any particular fears you may have.

The more you are able to communicate your concerns, the more they will be able to help.

The practice is well-equipped with the latest technology to help make treatment as comfortable as possible. This includes The Wand, our advanced anaesthetic system that means you don’t have to face any needles during your appointments.


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